Controlling with the Threat of Destruction



Karl Hans Welz:

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Magic of the Future: Controlling with the Threat of Destruction

Magic of the Future

Ancient grimoires abound with threats of destruction if the entity does not obey.

The threat of destruction is for real.

This does not mean that the entity will be wiped off the universe for good.

It simply means that the entity will lose its astral body as related to the magician's realm.
When it loses its astral body, the desire to manifest will cede to exist, and so does the chance to manifest in the material plane (etheric plane) of consciousness unless its astral body is reconstructed in some way.

An entity whose astral body is destroyed is removed from its sphere of potential manifestation to which it naturally gravitates.

The self-preserving spirit of an entity will do anything to prevent such an effect.

Magic of the Future: Controlling with the Threat of Destruction | Sword

This is the meaning of having a dagger, sword, or trident on the altar.
These tools relate to the mental plane that controls the astral world.

An excellent tool that shatters any astral form and makes it dissolve in the energetic ocean of the universe is the blasting glyph.

Its design reminds us of a trident, but it has some Uranian and Saturnian nature to it.

Magic of the Future: Controlling with the Threat of Destruction | blasting glyph

Simply imagining the blasting glyph and giving it an etheric form is a powerful weapon!

You can always use this tool when an entity refuses to leave.
It is a tool that's quite convincing when you wield it against an entity.

Magic of the Future

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