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Magic of the Future: Bringing in and Controlling Energies

Magic of the Future

Now that you have learned methods of protection and methods to establish an etheric base for the manifestation of HOE's where you may contain them for a while, it is time that you learn to draw and to control these energies.

Drawing the energy is easy.
You draw the energy for a specific purpose.
This purpose may be simple exploration of its capabilities or it may be actual use of the energy in magical work.

In either case you need to learn how to control the energy and how to dispel it.

You can always dispel an energy by removing the life energy from the triangle by visual grounding.

You can do so by shaping a circle (sphere) around the triangle and imagining the life energy drain into the energetic ocean of the universe.

It is more useful to interact with the energy and ask it to leave.
In these cases it is easier for you to keep the energy on call for future uses.

Practice #40: Drawing, Controlling, and Dispelling

In the following you learn a simple method to draw, control, and finally dispel an energy of a higher order.

Practice #40A: Drawing of a HOE

We have devised the following practices in a way that they would be safe even if you had no barrier at all.

Set up your circle.
Then set up your triangle.
Draw the shape of a triangle on a circular table.

You may also use some rope and lay it on the table in the shape of a triangle.

The circular table is very useful because it gives you an added barrier.

Now you put a mirror inside the triangle.
A small mirror that stands up is fine.

You may use a frame for photos and spray paint the glass with black paint.
Black instead of silver coating is helpful in what we are going to do.
We have worked perfectly well with the ordinary silver mirror.

Put two candles on the sides of the mirror.

Magic of the Future: Bringing in and Controlling Energies | Franz Bardon: The Practice of Magical Evocation | Owina

Now put the sigil of an entity in front of the mirror.

For our example use the symbol of a genius from the sphere of Venus that you find in Franz Bardon's book "The Practice of Magical Evocation."

The name of that entity is Owina.
It is an excellent work that introduces you to practical evocative methods.

Draw this sigil in green color. Green is the color that relates to the sphere of Venus.

Project life energy into the triangle.
Imagine this life energy being of green color.

This way you give the field of life energy an aspect of Venus.
The green color helps the manifestation of energies of Venus.

Now you may begin to look into the mirror.
Look at your face and see how its features change.

Blank your mind during this practice and wait for any impressions that you may get.
These impressions may be visions, thoughts, assurances, etc.

If you have built up the field of life energy with a Welz Generator® you may make a photo of the table.
Chances are that the energy appears on film.

When the Author make photos of this kind, the energy takes some kind of shape or it appears as a light.

Practice #40B: Controlling the HOE

Control of the HOE is relatively simple once you have established your authority over the energy.

There are many ways to establish authority.

One of the most useful ways of establishing authority over entities is being aware of your Divine nature.

You can do this by aligning the elements of will, emotions, mind, and consciousness within yourself.

We like to work with a circle that represents the energies from the realms of creation to control the energies of a higher order.

These energies set a barrier of near-chaos energy between yourself and the HOE's that you cause to manifest.

Conversely the creative powers help the manifestation of the HOE's that we call in by supplying them with energy.

When we are one with the creative energies we have an excellent key to control the HOE's that we are calling in.

Rune Masters have no problem with control of entities, provided that they studied the Sacred Futhork, or the eighteen creative energies of the universe.

Magic of the Future: Protection in the Work with Energies | Rhune Symbols

Practice #40C: Dispelling the HOE

Dispelling is a form of control.

You have to know the practices of dispelling before you begin with the exercising of other forms of control.

Again Oneness with the Divine or awareness of your Divine nature by aligning the elements is your most powerful weapon.

If you have used a Welz Generator® to make the energy manifest, you need to remove it from the triangle.
The supply of life energy will stop.

You proceed by grounding the life energy.

You have learned that life energy follows the direction that your mind gives it.
Imagine the life energy draining from the triangle into the ground.

This takes away the energy that the entity needs to manifest.

Then tell the entity to leave and thank it for its manifestation.

Magic of the Future

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