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Magic of the Future: Methods to Express & Establish Equivalent Structures

Magic of the Future

1. The Word (prayers, psalms, mantras, etc.)

Here you find words of power, sacred mantras, mantras that you establish with the radionics device, so-called barbarisms or formulas that you can use to call entities, the names of entities, prayers, psalms, chants, cryptic "languages," etc.

Many of these items are "channeled" or received in evocative processes.
Consequently they invariably bear the mark of the language in which they originated.

The entities of Franz Bardon's system are pronounced in German.
The Enochian language has entirely English sound structure and grammar all through.

Considering the speed at which language, sound pronunciation, and grammatical structures change over time one can only be amused when hearing the ludicrous claim that Enochian is a very ancient language.
This however does not impair the effectiveness of the system!

2. Design

In this category fall all symbols that we establish to connect with entities (HOE's).

Some of these graphic symbols seem freely invented while others follow specific principles of design.

In most instances an entity has a name and a sigil.
Often the sigil is a graphic representation of the name following some kind of design that is based on the letters with which the name is written.

3. Things in the Environment

In this category fall objects that you can find in the environment.
"Spirit" told ancient magicians, or shamans, which herbs can do what.
There are powers that are attributed to gems, animals, trees, locations, etc., that connect with zodiacal signs and planets, trees that are sacred to specific gods, and much more.

Studies in folklore, herbalism, and older astrology and magic books are a rich source of these correlations.

4. Body Postures, dances, hand positions, etc.

Body postures, hand positions, and dancing are excellent methods to serve as structural links for specific energies.

5. The Mind

Here you have visualizations of the entities, colors, imagination of the presence of entities, specific feelings, etc.

6. Paraphernalia

Paraphernalia are man made objects that serve as structural links representing specific energies, entities, persons, or situations.

Repeated use of a magical utensil attaches energies of a higher order to it that you then need no longer evoke in a magical practice.
Consequently you can use energies for things other than routine.

7. Technological Devices

These are man made objects that are of use to establish structural links.
Their characteristic is flexibility and the possibility to arbitrary settings to establish any structural link the magician chooses.

The designs and look of these devices depends on fashion.
A typical example is a radionics device.
Another good example is an altar that you may set up to connect with any specific target and energy (spell) of your choice.

8. Logical Concepts (numbers, alphabets, etc.)

Whenever human beings start to use numbers and letters they assign to them magical meaning.
The magical alphabets and the symbolism of numerology are good examples.

Magic of the Future

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