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Magic of the Future: More Sets of Equivalent Structures

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More Sets of Equivalent Structures

A Brief Introduction Into Sets of Structural Links - Resources

This -particular- part of the course offers you a brief introduction in some magical methods and their underlying symbolisms.

You may select some of the systems that follow as a good basis for your further work and studies.

We will give some emphasis to the systems that we personally have chosen to work with.
This does not mean that you should practice with the same systems.

Systems of magic have the advantage that they provide you with a ready-to-use magical hierarchy.
Each of the elements of the hierarchy has specific attributes.
What you do then with such a system is combine its elements for any one purpose that you desire.

There are methods of magical technology that do not use any magical hierarchy at all.

Magicians who use these methods custom tailor their own structural link to an energy of a higher order.

This works because of the flexibility of the planes of finer densities.
Fact is that any intelligently composed system will bring about a connection with the energies that are part of these planes.
Even with arrays of symbols a skilled magician can establish such connections.

1. Direct Structural Links

In the first part we are going to introduce you to a few methods that are not symbolisms or arrays of symbols.

These are methods that the magician uses to establish direct structural links with HOE's.
This method has the advantage of immense flexibility.

The magician can formulate any desired trend and establish a structural link that brings in the corresponding HOE, or entity.
Such methods require no "secret knowledge" of any hierarchy of magical energies, no mythology, and no religion.

1.1. Radionics

With a radionics device you can establish structural links with anything you want.
The setting of the dials is called "rate" of that target, or trend.

Radionics operators found that the wiring diagram of a radionics device can establish a structural link just as well as the device itself, provided that the rate is inscribed in it.

If you have studied the lessons 3 and 4, i.e., the theories concerning structural links and equivalent structural links, you will understand why this is so.

Modern researchers have added a great deal of electronic gadgetry, pyramids, crystals, computers, and other "peripherals" to the basic radionic device.

Many of these gadgets have a symbolic character, most of the time to increase the effect of the radionics device or to direct the device easier into a specific direction.

Good examples are amplifiers to increase power output, walkie-talkies to help telepathic transfer, and helmets to increase power.
Most amplifying gadgets are unnecessary for the magician who has realized that structures transfer through hyper spaces and that strong fields of life energy ease such transfer.

Some of the attachments to radionics devices help the operator find the rate with more ease.
A second radionics device in conjunction with a Welz  Chi Generator® will do such a job.
Presently we are working on additional methods to help the operator find the rate easier.

We see the radionics device as a universal magical sigil.

You describe what you want and you establish a setting that corresponds to your wish.

This setting connects you with the energy of a higher order that will generate the desired trend.

1.2. Self generated magical sigils

Lately several methods became fashionable in which the magician designs the sigil of exactly what the desire is.

Various methods of making such graphic designs are available.
Some use letters and combine them to a sigil.

Others make use of symbols and designs and combine these to a magical sigil.

1.3. Sound pitches

Sound pitches compare to settings of a radionics device.
Instead of the dials you have one or more frequency generators.

You write down your wish and establish the sound frequency pattern that establishes a structural link with the corresponding HOE or target.

If you feed the sound frequency into the inner coil of a Welz Generator® you have the means to establish a more powerful link and to transfer the HOE to any desired target with more ease.

1.4. Mantras

You can generate words of power in a similar way as you generate sound frequencies and radionics rates.

Many "secret words of power" have their origin this way.

The persons who consider such words of power "secret" are not aware of the fact that any magician can generate the same type mantras is he/she is knowledgeable of the basic principles of equivalent structural links.

Set your mantra and chant it to attract specific entities or connect with any target of your choice.

1.5. Letter squares

This includes the famous squares that appear in the Book of Sacred magic of Abramelin the Mage.

A "root word" in any language may connect with a basic desire.

The other letters are arranged more or less regular so that the desire becomes more specific.

You can use the mantra generator from HSCTI to generate your own letter squares that serve your own very specific purposes!
We have also 8 sets of digitalized Abramelin squares available.

2. Symbolism As System Of Structural Links

Symbolisms have the advantage to give you some insights into the workings of the universe.
In this respect they compare to mythologies.

Most symbolisms connect with observable elements of our environment such as the movement of the planets in the sky.

We view the system of astrology as being a radionics device of cosmic proportions.

Symbolisms have inherent structures.
If you know the structure of a symbolism and the meaning of one of its elements, you can derive the meanings of all its other symbols.

For a specific purpose you need to combine the elements of a symbolism.
This required a thorough knowledge of the structure of the symbolism.

Some symbolisms are of an artificial nature.
Others, such as the four elements, the four planes, the astrological symbolism and the Eighteen Futhork Runes, connect with real energies of our environment.

Mythologies correspond to our psychological and psychic environments. Most useful are mythologies that correspond to the astrological structure.

We do not recommend that you get involved in artificial symbolisms. This is so because most of these artificial symbolisms are little more than arrays of symbols.

You can generate desired effects much easier with the individual methods of direct structural links that we explained above.

This fact makes study of these "systems" more a luxury than something useful.
Many "mystery schools" of course, love to teach the unsuspecting novices the "secret knowledge" of such arrays of symbols.
Typically the novice who usually is not allowed to study anything else is soon convinced that such "secret knowledge" is the best system there is.

We pointed it out above and we repeat it here:
Tradition kills the creative mind!

2.1. The Elements and the Planes

A fine system that corresponds to a good mapping of the magical universe.

The elemental spirits that magicians connect with seem to be arrays of symbols within the specific elemental realms.
You could classify them according to astrological and/or runic guidelines.

2.2. The Eighteen Furthork Runes.

The eighteen Runes are often referred to as the "Armanen System".

They connect with the periodic system of chemical elements, hence they correspond to energies of the creative realms.

The energies that correspond to these Runes are of a defining nature rather than a defined one.

Other Runic systems are mere arrays.
They are O.K. to doe readings with and forsome magic, but they cannot connect you with the realms of creative energies.

To study the magic of the Eighteen Futhork Runes you have the choice of several courses:
The Basic Rune Course, the Rune Yoga/Rune Healing course, and the Rune Reading Course.

2.3. The Astrological System, the Cabalah, and the Tarot

Here we have to do with a system of well defined ("created") energies.
These energies correspond to the structure of our Solar system.

We mention the three together, because the cabalistic system and the Tarot can be derived from the astrological symbolism.

The Cabalah is a representation of the zodiac.
Its numeric structure is derived from the numeric relationships that are valid for the Solar system.

We recommend that you purchase a good introduction into astrology.
This serves you to learn the meanings of the planets, houses, and signs.

Another book of value is "The Tarot of the Bohemians" by Papus.
In this work Papus explains the structure of the Tarot.

To get more insights into the meanings of the Tarot cards we recommend any one of the books by Eden Gray:
Mastering the Tarot or the Tarot Unveiled.

Our deck of choice is the Rider Tarot Deck.
We prefer it because of the accuracy of the cabalistic symbolism it represents.

If you use the Tarot for readings only, you can choose any one of the hundreds of decks that are on the market.
HSCTI can supply you with a book on tarot spells and a set of astrological symbols.

2.4. The Bardonian system of Magic of the Spheres

This is a magical hierarchy of more than 600 entities that are grouped into planetary spheres and elemental realms.

You find the structural link (symbol) of each entity plus a description of its realm of action in the book "The Practice of Magical Evocation" by Franz Bardon.
You may order the books of Franz Bardon from HSCTI.

2.5. The Entities of the Lesser Key of Solomon the King

Another name for the Lesser Key of Solomon is The Lemegeton.
It contains a hierarchy of 72 entities with a description of their action.

2.6. The Entities and the Talismans of Doctor Johannes Faust's Black Raven

Karl Welz, the author of this course, have translated this book from German into English.
It contains references to 30 entities and about 20 talismans.

Doctor Faust's book is a classic grimoire in Germany.

We recommend neither the Lemegeton nor the Black Raven to any untrained magician.

2.7. Any Mythology

Many magical systems are based on religions.

The deities of the religions form useful hierarchies of structural links with energies of a higher order.

Examples are the systems of Voodoo, Santeria, Shintoism, Shamanism, Wicca, and Tibetan religion.

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