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Karl Hans Welz:

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Magic of the Future: An Astrological Map of the Universe

Magic of the Future

That there is a correlation between astrological positions and trends on our planet has been established long ago.

From empirical observations of ancient magicians gradually a science evolved that correlates the destiny and general trends of every individual on this planet with the position of the stars at this individual's birth.

Magic of the Future: Astrological Map

A closer analysis of the planets, stars, etc., in the sky and their movements yields some very interesting results:
they follow interesting numerical correlations.

Bode's law expresses these correlations.

Magic of the Future: AstrologerAlthough astrology has served mankind well, most astrologers were at a loss when they tried to explain why the whole thing worked.

The old assumption that the heavenly bodies were gods was somewhat valid.
It even helped develop magical systems that had the goal of establishing trends other than what the stars promised by placating these gods.

This animistic approach came closer to the reality of astrological energies being HOE's that the ludicrous astrological theories of our days.

The lack of true scientific training of most modern day astrologers finds its expression in the theories that they formulate.

While the animistic approach of the astrologers of ancient times gave at least rise to a technology of generating trends, the pop-scientific approach of their modern day counterparts brings nothing of that kind.

Astrology has totally degenerated into a science that just interprets trends.
Modern astrologers are nothing but a bunch of counselors who have the advantage of being capable of predicting future trends.

Perhaps the best explanation of why astrology works is the structural approach.

With this we mean that the planetary system acts like a large radionics device.

The nice thing about this radionics device of cosmic proportions is that the positions of its "dials" can be calculated in advance.
This allows us to determine astrological trends in advance.

We can observe a specific function of a biological, physiological, psychological, etc., nature in connection with each planet.

Furthermore, the position of a planet within the zodiac modifies its function and the distances of each planet to any other (aspects) will increase or decrease the interaction of their respective functions.

Astrology | Zodiac sign

We suggest that you get a good introduction into astrology to know the function of the planets and the zodiacal signs.

In the following we are going to elaborate the connection of the solar system to the cabalistic system.

From there we are going on to an approach that describes a vast amount of specific entities (HOE's) that connect with the astrological system.

There is a great advantage to knowing that the planetary system acts upon us like a large radionics device.

We can develop equivalent structures to the HOE's of the zodiacal factors.
When we energize these HOE's with life energy, we create our own trends.
This gives us back the power of the wise of ancient times who ruled the stars.
The fact that our approach is not animistic gives us the added advantage of much greater flexibility.

Magic of the Future

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