Experiments With Structural Links



Karl Hans Welz:

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Magic of the Future: Experiments With Structural Links

Magic of the Future

Enough polemics.  ;-)

The best way to gain an understanding of structural links is practical experience through experimentation.

This experimentation will also help us expand our concepts of structural links.

A thorough examination of ancient principles of magic will helps us gain an expansion of our concepts of space.

The visual space is the space that provides us with our immediate needs and interaction: food, clothing, relations, etc.

  1. Two identical structures.
    We may make a simple drawing or scribble.
    Make two photocopies of the drawing and discard the original.

  2. Make a drawing that is somewhat similar to the drawing you have copied twice.

  3. The orgone wand. (from lesson #2)

  4. A photo of the floor of the room where you experiment.

  5. A floor plan of the room where you experiment.

  6. The symbol below

Magic of the Future: Experiments With Structural Links

Practice #20:
Transfer with wand.

Print two copies of the design on the previous page.
First you take two of the enclosed diagrams and individualize them.

You do this by crossing out between three and five of the little squares around the diagram.
Cross out the same squares around the second diagram.

Take one of the two diagrams.

Project energy into this drawing, first with your hand, then with the magical wand.

Have your partner feel the energy flowing from the other diagram by holding the palm of the hand about one inch above it.

Practice #21:

Transfer with a Welz Generator®; a LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments powerd- and boosted with integrated LifeEnergy & LifeForce Generators (the genuine Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®).

Put one of the two diagrams in front of the Welz Generator®.

Practice #22:

Make a "wrong" receiving symbol, but visualize "correct" receiving symbol instead.
This is an exercise that demonstrates the flexibility of our mind.
What happened is a lock-in by means of a "bypass."

Practice #23:

Take the symbol that's not quite identical and compare with the identical one.
Have two persons feel the output of both receiver symbols at the same time.

Magic of the Future

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