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Structural Links



Karl Hans Welz:

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Magic of the Future: Structural Links

Magic of the Future

Now let's consider a third important factor:
In every case the magician uses something that represents the target of the action.

Case #1:
Seven hairs (with follicles).

Case #2: Hair and Fingernails.

Case #3: The same bacteria that are in the wound.

Case #4: The written names and the visual imagination of the people.

Case #5: The Photo of the person.

Case #6: The visual imagination in the mind of the people who send the healing.

Magicians usually call this representative of the target, such as hair, fingernails, a photo, or clothing, "The psychic link."

For our purpose of putting magic into a scientific language, we prefer the term "structural link."
The structural link can be in any form that ranges from purely physical to purely mental, or imagined.

If we analyze the six cases above we come to the following conclusion:
The use of a structural link to the target makes its distance to the magical operator irrelevant.

Magic is action upon the extended universe, or action at a distance .

This action is possible with the help of a structural link to the Target .

How can we determine the nature of the action?
In each one of the cases above we can find something that represents the desired action.

The way in which the magician represents a desired action is very similar to the way he establishes a structural link with the target of the action.

Case #1:
The health of the tree.

Case #2: The doll decaying in the tomb.

Case #3: The sample of bacteria being destroyed in copper sulfate.

Case #4: The letter square.

Case #5: The setting of the radionics device.

Case #6: The visual imagination of health in the minds of the members of the congregation.

The nature of action is determined by means of a structural representation

Magic of the Future: Magical Setup

This means that in a magical action you work with two structural links:
- one that represents the Target, and
- another one that represents the desired action upon the Target (the Trend).

Magic of the Future

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