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Karl Hans Welz:

Magic of the Future ©

Magic of the Future: Introduction

Magic of the Future


This is not just another introduction into "magick" nor has it much to do with the 'run off the mill' course of "magick", where you find at first some talk about spirituality of magic, then somewhere between pages 10 and 20 the tree of life, then elaborate descriptions of rituals and so on.

Magic of the Future: The Tree of LifeMagic existed long before the invention of the tree of life.
In fact, most of the powerful magicians on our planet do not even know the tree of life.
Such "lack of knowledge" does not inhibit their power at all.

Evidently there must be some principle in magic that goes beyond religious doctrine.
There must be a magical science that we can develop from the common functioning principle (CFP) of all magic.

Equaling magic with the tree of life or any other outcropping of religious creeds would be to falsely identify the map with the territory.

The map is never the territory it represents!

Such identification is always wrong, no matter how useful the map may be at first.
The magical systems that have their roots in the tree of life have been useful and to some extent comprehensive.

However, the universe is not the tree of life.
The tree of life is just another mapping that is of use for the magician.

The present time sees an expansion of magical methods that is unheard of as yet.
At the same time students of magic have access to an increasingly wide range of very different magical systems and traditions to practice. Most of these systems are not outcroppings of a Judeo-Christian religionism.

Moreover, they are incompatible with the cabalistic system and its tree of life, but equally powerful and at least equally spiritual.
It is our opinion that the tree of life and all other religious mappings have no predominant usefulness for the magician of the third millennium who practices magic on a scientific basis.

The science of magic in its true form is a science, not a religious act as thought till now.
In the old days magic was forbidden, religion had to be used as a cover-up, hiding the true magical form which is finally out in the open today.
We will show in the following lessons why this is so.

Magic of the FutureThis course will introduce you to the common functioning principles of all known magical practices and systems.
It is a modern approach that transcends the quietly assumed connection between magical practice and specific religious doctrines.
This approach will allow you to come to a scientific understanding of the processes that underlie all known forms of magic.

Then you will realize that the religious clothing of the practice is different in every culture and that you need no religious facade at all to be a powerful magician.

If you use your car to drive somewhere you are free to pray five Lord's prayers and three Hail Mary's or you may even chant the sacred "om" / "aumm" one hundred and eight times before you start your vehicle.
It is our opinion that the car engine starts just as well if you simply turn the ignition key.

The same holds with any magical practice.
Once you know the scientific principles of magic you will be able to work it in any surrounding without the ballast of religion-based "ritual."

To practice magic free from the ballast of any tradition has another advantage.
Freedom of thinking leads to ever new and more powerful technology.

It is a well-known fact that tradition was always a roadblock to the advancement of any science and that religion was always an obstacle to science itself.
"Purity of tradition" and the belief in the infallibility books that are thought to be Divinely inspired usually leads to rejection of innovative ideas and quite often to the organized killing persons who advance such innovative ideas!

Tradition cannot live on "as is" when innovation shows new ways that prove to be more useful, or worse, free the thinking of people.
That's the reason why these traditionalists who typically lack creativity are almost always in the forefront of hostility towards progress.

If you want to develop your magical skills to a maximum, you will do well to get rid of the strait jacket that traditions have imposed on you!

The purpose of this course is to give you a scientific understanding of magical practice and a 'no-nonsense guide' to develop the skills that are helpful in this practice.

Magic of the Future

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